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I understand that each student at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI or University) is required to electronically sign the University of Northern Iowa Terms and Conditions of Financial Responsibility in order to remain a student.

I understand that in order to attend classes at UNI and remain registered for classes, UNI requires that I pay in full the amount of any fees, tuition, contracted housing and meal plan fees, and any other charges (e.g. parking fines, library fines, food charges, UNI bookstore charges) that I have incurred in connection with my attendance at UNI, on the dates indicated by UNI for each semester, term, or session.

UNI considers this extension of credit to be an “educational loan” under Federal and State laws. Educational loans are not dischargeable under Federal bankruptcy statutes, unless specifically so ordered by the bankruptcy court.

I understand it is my responsibility to inform the UNI Registrar’s Office of any change in my name, address, telephone number, or social security number.


  1. All university billing statements and related notices will be provided to me via electronic means using the official UNI e-mail address. I understand that if I am not enrolled, billing statements and related notices will be sent to the Permanent Home address that I have provided to the university. I understand and agree I am responsible for reading these statements and notices on a timely basis.
  2. Tuition and fee policies and descriptions can be found in the course catalog which is available online at Tuition and fees are subject to change upon approval by the Board of Regents, State of Iowa (BOR).
  3. I am liable for any costs associated with programs in which I have enrolled even if they are not processed through my university bill (U-Bill). These costs may consist of purchases made on my behalf that are associated with a course or University-associated activity.
  4. Billing is processed the 1st of each month and due the 20th of that month or, if the 20th falls on a weekend or holiday, the first working day after the 20th.
  5. I understand that if I receive any type of financial aid (including Stafford loans and/or PLUS loans) and then withdraw from UNI or reduce my course load, my financial aid eligibility may be re-calculated. A percentage of the aid I received may be considered unearned and may have to be returned to the funding source, therefore, I will be billed for that amount and any outstanding educational benefit overpayment. At its discretion, UNI may allow me to repay this amount in installments but I understand that I may be assessed finance charges on the balance until it is paid in full.
  6. Each year UNI will prepare the IRS Form 1098-T detailing my tuition, mandatory fees,

scholarships, and grants. This form is needed to complete individual tax returns (consult your tax preparer for specific questions). I understand that my IRS Form 1098-T will be provided to me electronically each year that I have reportable transactions, and I may view and print my IRS Form 1098-T by logging into Student Center. For additional details, please visit and visit the tax information section. I consent to receive my annual IRS Form 1098-T electronically from the University of Northern Iowa. I understand that if I do not consent to receive my Form 1098-T electronically, a paper copy will be provided. I understand that I can withdraw this consent or request a paper copy by following the instructions at


  1. I may elect to pay my U-Bill by direct debit (e-check) from my checking or savings account through MyUNIverse, the Student Center tab, and clicking on the Pay My Bill link. This is generally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. I may pay my U-Bill in person at the Cashier’s window in 103 Gilchrist Hall during published office hours which can be found at
  3. I may pay my U-Bill by mail to UNI Student Accounts, 103 Gilchrist Hall, Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0008. If I make my payment by check, I will make my check payable to the University of Northern Iowa and I will put my university identification (UID) number on my check. If my payment is being sent on my behalf by a third party (parent, grandparent, or other authorized third party), I will be sure my UID number is shown on the check so proper credit can be given to my account.
  4. In the event a payment is dishonored due to insufficient funds or otherwise, a return check fee, in an amount approved by the BOR, will be charged to my U-Bill. I am responsible for all dishonored payments, including dishonored payments made by third parties to whom I have granted access to my account.
  5. Credit and debit cards are accepted online only for U-Bill payment.
  6. I may pay my U-Bill in full the month it is billed, or I may choose to request a payment plan offered by UNI in Student Center. UNI offers a 5-month payment plan each semester; a $20 deferred billing fee will be assessed each semester and will be added to my first installment. For more information regarding payment plan options, please visit
  7. Financial aid awards will be applied against the total balance of my U-Bill if the award allows.


  1. It is standard procedure that all credit balances on the U-Bill be refunded to me. The University does not accept prepayments or hold payments for future charges. The refunding schedule can be found at .
  2. Refunds are deposited electronically into my checking or savings account via direct deposit. I must enroll for direct deposit at
  3. If I do not set up direct deposit, a paper check will be issued but significantly delayed.
  4. It is my responsibility to review the University’s refund policy which can be found at


I understand that failure to make timely payments is subject to the following penalties:

  1. UNI will place a financial hold on my student account, preventing me from registering for future classes, receiving transcripts, or receiving my diploma.
  2. There will be a late payment charge computed at a periodic monthly rate of up to 1% per month on the amount past due.
  3. The privilege of charging items across campus to my U-Bill may be limited or cancelled. This could include, but would not be limited to: athletic tickets, parking permits, theater tickets, UNI bookstore charges, and campus retail charges.
  4. My account balance may be accelerated. This means that if I fail to make any payment when due, UNI may declare the entire balance owed (including principal, interest, late payment charges and collection fees) to be due and payable within 15 days. UNI will provide written notification of such default and payment must be paid within the allotted time.
  5. I understand and accept that if I fail to pay my student bill or any monies due and owing the University of Northern Iowa by the scheduled due date and my account(s) are referred for collection, a collection fee at the maximum percentage permitted by law, not to exceed 33%, will be assessed and will be due at the time of the referral to the collection agency. For purposes of this provision, the third party may be a debt collection agency or an attorney.
  6. The University reserves the right under Iowa law to offset any amount I owe the University against any monies owed to me by the State of Iowa, such as State of Iowa tax refunds, lottery winnings, and vendor payments.
  7. The University reserves the right to offset any amount I owe the University against any credit balances I have in any university account, whether the account is managed by the University or an agent acting on behalf of the University.
  8. The University may deduct from my paycheck or from any other amounts payable to me, an amount equal to the total of my U-Bill balance. I will allow the University to collect any amounts owed by me even if I am no longer employed by UNI.
  9. If the University initiates legal proceedings to recover amounts owed by me under this Agreement, I agree to pay legal fees, attorney fees, and court costs incurred by the University in such proceedings.
  10. The University may offset even if I have entered into an agreement with the University to repay my overdue payments.

I hereby acknowledge being given notice and give my consent, as may be required by law, to allow UNI, at its option, to report favorable and unfavorable credit information pertaining to me to credit bureaus and other non-campus third parties in the conduct of its credit granting and collection activities and UNI may release my Social Security Number to non-campus third parties as part of that credit granting or collection activity.

I authorize the University of Northern Iowa or anyone on their behalf to contact me, regarding my student account and/or loans or any fees incurred at the University, at the current or any future number of my cellular phone(s), email address(es) or other wireless devise(s) using automated telephone dialing equipment, artificial or pre-recorded voice or text messages, and personal calls. Furthermore, I understand that I may withdraw my consent to call my cellular telephone using automated telephone dialing equipment by submitting my request in writing to the University of Northern Iowa or in writing to the applicable contractor or agent contacting me on behalf of the University of Northern Iowa.

By checking “Accept”, I acknowledge and agree that I have carefully read this document, fully understand it, and voluntarily agree to be legally bound by it. These terms and conditions shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Iowa. The UNI U-Bill Terms and Conditions of Financial Responsibility will become effective on the date captured by my electronic signature.

For step-by-step instructions to completing the terms & conditions online, please visit:

Student Accounts | U-bill Terms & Conditions (2024)
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