Conan Exiles: Navigating the Exiled Lands (2024)

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Embarking on an adventure into the savage landscapes of Conan Exiles is an exhilarating experience. As a newcomer, the vast and uncharted Exiled Lands might seem overwhelming, but fear not! This guide is your compass through the wilderness, providing essential tips and tricks to help you master the art of map navigation. Prepare to uncover hidden treasures, forge alliances, and thrive in this unforgiving realm.

Getting Started with the Map

Navigating the Cartographic Interface

Before setting off on your journey, it's crucial to understand the tools at your disposal. Accessing the in-game map is your first step towards successful navigation. Press the designated key to reveal the map, and you'll be greeted by an aerial view of the Exiled Lands. Use your mouse or controller to zoom in and out, exploring the details of the world that lies before you.

Interpreting Map Symbols and Icons

As you explore the map, you'll encounter a variety of symbols and icons. These visual cues are your key to understanding the lay of the land. Resource markers, represented by icons like ore and wood, indicate valuable materials waiting to be harvested. Creature icons, on the other hand, serve as a warning—highlighting potential threats you might encounter in that area. These symbols, while seemingly small, hold invaluable information for your survival.

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Charting Your Path

Landmarks as Beacons

Landmarks are your best friends when it comes to navigation. Majestic mountains, winding rivers, and bustling cities serve as reference points to guide you across the Exiled Lands. Setting up camps near landmarks not only provides safety but also ensures that you won't lose your bearings during your explorations. Plus, the sweeping vistas and unique features of these landmarks make for breathtaking backdrops to your adventures.

Navigating the Biomes

Diversity defines the Exiled Lands, and it's crucial to understand the different biomes you'll encounter. From lush forests to unforgiving deserts, each biome presents its own set of challenges and opportunities. While exploring, make mental notes of the landmarks unique to each biome. Not only will this help you find your way, but it also opens doors to valuable resources and hidden secrets.

Exploration and Progression

Unveiling the Uncharted

Delving deeper into the Exiled Lands, you'll stumble upon caves, dungeons, and ruins waiting to be explored. These locations are more than just eye candy; they're repositories of untold stories and treasures. Venture forth with caution, for you never know what challenges and riches might await you within.

Tracking Your Journey Steps

Embarking on your journey in Conan Exiles is a multifaceted experience. The Journey Steps system offers a structured path of progression, guiding you through various tasks and objectives. As you complete these steps, new areas of the map are unveiled, encouraging you to explore and discover new horizons. Keep a watchful eye on your Journey Steps to unlock new adventures and expand your map.

Mastering Map Interaction

Group Expeditions and Multiplayer Dynamics

While navigating the Exiled Lands alone can be an enriching experience, the game truly shines when shared with friends. Forming a group allows you to pool your map knowledge and strengths. Coordinate your explorations, communicate threats, and mark essential locations on the map to ensure that your team navigates the perilous lands effectively.

Overcoming Navigation Challenges

Survival in Conan Exiles isn't all sunshine and rainbows. Sandstorms can blind your vision and make navigation a nightmare. Fear not; adaptability is key. Seek shelter, mark your location, and wait for the storm to pass. Additionally, dangerous creatures roam the land, and understanding their locations is vital to your safety. Consult your map to avoid unnecessary encounters or to strategize a plan of attack.

Optimizing Your Navigation

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Crafting Waypoints and Markers

Navigating efficiently requires a strategic approach. Crafting waypoints and markers on your map can be a game-changer. These personalized annotations help you remember important locations, such as resource-rich areas or hidden caches. By using waypoints, you'll spend less time searching and more time exploring, leveling up, and dominating the Exiled Lands.

Embrace the Journey

Expanding Your Horizons

In Conan Exiles, the journey is more than just a means to an end—it's an adventure waiting to unfold. The map serves as a canvas for your tales of survival, discovery, and triumph. As you unveil new areas and conquer fresh challenges, your map becomes a testament to your growth and determination.


Congratulations, fellow exile! You've navigated through the wilds of the Exiled Lands armed with map mastery. With every landmark, biome, and hidden treasure you uncover, your confidence and skills as a survivor grow. As you continue to explore, remember that the Exiled Lands are vast and ever-changing—your journey is just beginning. So, gather your companions, forge alliances, and let your map guide you towards new horizons in the exhilarating world of Conan Exiles. Want to learn a little more about the influences behind the game, then have a little read of this: Conan Exiles: Exploring the Influence of Myth and Legend

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Conan Exiles: Navigating the Exiled Lands (2024)
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