Bursar's Office Frequently Asked Questions (2024)

Where can I view my charges and due dates?

Login into MyOHIO Student Center. Your Account Summary will show the total amount due. You can choose the Account Inquiry link to view details on your account.

How can I setup an authorized user on MyOHIO Student Financials?

In your MyOHIO Student Center, there is an option of "Sign Up Authorized User" under the Finances section. Please refer to the Add and Maintain Authorized Users[PDF]guide for more detailed instructions on how to set up and maintain an authorized user account.

Where can I get an itemized statement for my employer, sponsor, or scholarship agency?

Login into MyOHIO Student Center. In the Finances sections, choose the Account Itemization link. You can view and print your account activity by term with enrollment. This option is also available in the Authorized User Access. Account Itemization instructions[PDF]are available to assist with locating the Account Itemization.

What is my account balance?

Login into MyOHIO Student Center. You can view your amount owed in the Account Summary of your Student Center. Detailed account information can be viewed by choosing the Account Itemization link..

Are employee fee waivers reflected on MyOHIO Student Center?

If you have completed and submitted your Educational Benefits Form, your waiver will appear on your account activity.

Where can I find information on Bobcat Cash?

Information on Bobcat Cash can be found at theOne Card Office.

How will the money be sent to the bank?

The funds will be sent electronically through the banking system in the same manner as direct deposit payroll. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is safe, timely, and convenient -no more lost mail.

Are there any reasons why the money would not be deposited to the bank?

If you close your bank account without providing a new authorization, the transfer will be rejected by your bank and will delay your refund. A direct deposit can also be rejected if you entered an incorrect bank account number.

Can I designate more than one account for Direct Deposit? Can the money go to my parent's account?

No, all funds must be deposited in one checking or savings account in your name. Excess funds from Parent PLUS Loans will be issued by check to the borrower.

What if my account is at an out-of-state bank?

Direct deposit can go to any financial institution within the United States.

When should I sign up?

To ensure processing a refund as a direct deposit, please enroll prior to the start of the term.

Can I drop my class and receive a refund on tuition?

To receive a 100% tuition reduction, the course must be dropped prior to the start date of the course. An 80% partial tuition reduction may take place if a course is dropped within the add/drop period of a semester/session. Please review the Academic Calendar or your MyOHIO Student Center for specific deadline dates.

Any sponsor payment resulting in a credit balance will be returned to the sponsor.

My employer needs an itemized bill of my charges for each class, where do I find that?

To review your account balance details, sign in to MyOHIO Student Center. In the Finances section, choose Account Itemization. Print the itemization using the Printer Friendly version. This will supply Ohio University’s letterhead on the document.

A Student Account How To Video and an instructional PDF document are available to assist with locating the account itemization.

How much is my tuition per class?

Ohio University does not charge tuition based on the class, but on the number of credit hours. Tuition schedules, which reflect the base tuition cost per credit hour, are available on the Office of the Bursar website. Tuition schedules may be used in conjunction with the account itemization to validate tuition amounts that were charged for a given semester.

To locate the tuition schedules on the Office of the Bursar website, click Tuition and Fees from the navigation menu on the left.

Do you send grades or transcripts to my sponsor?

No. It is the policy of the University to protect our student’s right to confidentiality under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Sponsors must obtain information regarding grades, transcripts, course listings or other specific information directly from the student.

For which educational expenses will the University bill my sponsor?

The University will bill a sponsor for fees specified in the letter of authorizations. These may include tuition, technology fee, course fees, room/meal plan charges, student legal services fee, and/or health insurance, etc. Books and late fees cannot be billed to the sponsor. Payments for other expenses should be coordinated between the student and their sponsor.

Why do I have a late fee and/or a financial hold?

Sponsored students who do not submit their sponsor authorization letter prior to the term billing or do not pay their portion of the bill when due, may be responsible for any late payment fees assessed to their student account. A financial hold, due to an unpaid balance on the student account, may also be placed.

I looked at my bill and my sponsor's credit isn't there. What do I do?

To review your account balance details, sign into MyOHIO Student Center. Select the Account Itemization link to view account detail.

If you have submitted your letter of authorization to the Office of the Bursar, please allow 5-7 days for processing. If your sponsor sends a roster to the Office of the Bursar, the roster may be in process or not received from the sponsor.

If my sponsor does not pay all of my tuition charges, what are my other payment options?

There is a payment plan available for currently enrolled students. Enrolling in the payment plan allows the balance of the current semester to be split into installments. To enroll, sign into MyOHIO Student Center. From the drop down menu, choose Enroll in Payment Plan. The enrollment fee for Payment Plan is $30.00 per semester. Students must enroll in Payment Plan each semester.

Please visit Payment Options for a listing of accepted payment methods.

When will my sponsor be invoiced?

Invoices are sent to the contact person at the address provided in the authorization letter. Initial invoices will be prepared and mailed to sponsors according to the following schedule:

SemesterInitial Invoice MonthDue Date
FallSeptemberOctober 21
SpringFebruaryMarch 21
SummerJulyAugust 21

Invoices for students in the Ohio University RN to BSN program will be issued after the census date of the third, 5-week session of the semester. Please refer to the Nursing Knowledge Center for more information about session dates.

SemesterInitial Invoice MonthDue Date
FallNovemberDecember 21
SpringMarchApril 21
SummerJulyAugust 21

What happens if my sponsor doesn't make a payment?

Students are ultimately responsible for any unpaid tuition balances. If the sponsor fails to pay the authorized charges, the sponsor credits will be removed and the unpaid charges reinstated on the student’s account. The due date will revert to the due date of the original charge and may result in a financial hold.

To review your account balance details, sign into MyOHIO Student Center. Please refer to Account Balances for more information.

If a sponsor has not remitted payment, it is the responsibility of the student to contact their sponsor to determine why. Ohio University does not negotiate the conditions of a sponsor agreement. That is determined between a student and their sponsor.

If my sponsor doesn't pay, when will the unpaid tuition charges post back to my account?

If payment is not received within 60 days of the initial invoice, all charges that are not paid by the sponsor will be placed on the student account and the student will be billed electronically in the next student billing cycle.

What is Form 1098-T (Tuition Statement)?

Form 1098-T is a statement colleges and universities are required to issue to certain students. It provides the total dollar amount paid to your student account for what is referred to as qualified tuition and related expenses during the tax year (January through December). The student, or the person that claims the student as a dependent, may be able to claim an education credit on their tax return. To see if you qualify for the credit, see Publication 970, Tax Benefits for Education and Form 8863, Education Credits.

What are qualified tuition and related expenses?

Internal Revenue Service regulations define qualified tuition and related expenses as tuition and fees required to be paid to the institution as a condition of the student’s enrollment or attendance. Qualified fees include the instructional fee, the general fee, the nonresident fee, technology fees, course fees, books, supplies, and equipment that are required for courses. Specificallyexcludedare: room and board, insurance, medical expenses (such as student health fees), transportation/parking, travel, equipment and other expenses that are not required for enrollment, and personal expenses.

Will I receive Form 1098-T?

Every Ohio University student whose account had financial transactions during the calendar year will have online access to their Form 1098-T or receive it in paper form by January 31st of the following year. Receiving Form 1098-T does not necessarily indicate that you are entitled to claim any of the education-related tax credits or deductions.

If I receive Form 1098-T, does it mean I qualify for a tax credit?

Not necessarily. Determination of eligibility is the responsibility of the taxpayer. Please consult with a qualified tax preparer or review Tax Benefits for Education: Information Center to make an individual determination.

How do I get a copy or reprint a copy of my Form 1098-T?

You can print a copy of your Form 1098-T by accessing yourMyOHIOStudentCenteror the Authorized User Portal.

Why does Form 1098-T only show transactions for the calendar year and not the academic year?

Ohio University is required by the IRS to report on a calendar year basis which is January 1 to December 31. The University can only report amounts to the IRS that posted to the student account between those dates.

Why do 2024 spring semester charges appear on my student account, but no payments, scholarships, or grants for the same semester appear on Form 1098-T?

The amounts reported in Box 1 on Form 1098-T are based on the calendar year in which the payment was made to your student account. Personal payments made in 2023 will appear on the 2023 Form 1098-T. Spring semester 2024 scholarships and grants will not apply to accounts until January 2024 and will appear on the 2024 Form 1098-T.

Where do I find information about what I paid to the University in 2023?

Please refer to your canceled checks, credit card statements, and the Account Itemization for details regarding payment amounts and dates. Tax credit is available for payments made between January 1, 2023 and December 31, 2023. The Account Itemization provides an inclusive view of charges, payments, financial aid, and enrollment for a specified semester. The Account Itemization link is located in the Finances section of MyOHIO Student Center. Authorized users can also access the Account Itemization on the Authorized User Portal.

I paid my qualified tuition and related expenses with student loans. Can I still claim the American Opportunity Credit?

Yes. Loan funds should be considered in the same manner as cash payments.The credit is claimed in the year in which the loan is disbursed, not in the year in which the loan is repaid. Please review the direct loan disbursem*nt notification you received from Direct Lending for disbursem*nt dates.

Where can I go for help in understanding my Form 1098-T?

For general information on Form 1098-T and the related tax credits/deductions, you can also review the information available from the IRS in Publication 970 (Tax Benefits for Education). If you have questions about how to compute your education tax credit, you should consult a qualified tax professional or review Tax Benefits for Education: Information Center.

If you have specific questions about amounts on Form 1098-T from Ohio University, you can contact the Office of the Bursar at 740.593.4130 or bursar@ohio.edu. Ohio University is unable to provide individual tax advice.

What do the amounts on the form represent?

Box1:Payments received for qualified tuition and related expenses.

Box 2: Reserved.

Box 3: Reserved

Box4:Adjustments made for a prior year:The amount in this box will be the sum of all adjustments in tuition related to amounts billed in a prior year.This amount may reduce any allowable education credit you may claim for the prior year.

Box5:Scholarships or grants:This box contains the sum of all scholarships and/or grants Ohio University administered and processed for the student during the calendar year. Scholarships that pay for tuition (qualified scholarships) as well as for housing and other expenses (non-qualified scholarships) will be included in this amount. Tuition waivers and payments received from third parties for educational expenses are also included in this box.

Box 6:Adjustments to scholarships or grants for a prior year:Adjustments in scholarship amounts related to scholarships reported in a previous year are included in this box. This amount may affect the amount of any allowable tuition and fees deduction or education credit you may have claimed for the prior year.

Box7:This box will be checked if the amount reported inBox1includes payments toward qualified tuition and fees for a semester beginning in the next calendar year. For example, a payment in December 2023 for spring semester 2024.

Box 8:A check in this box indicates that you are or have been enrolled at Ohio University at least half-time (6 hours or more) for at least one semester during the calendar year.

Box9:This box will be checked if you are a student enrolled in a program leading to a graduate-level degree.

Box10:This box is not used byOhioUniversityso it will be blank.

Bursar's Office Frequently Asked Questions (2024)
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