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 Caramelized Onions Recipe
Itís an old fiction that caramelized onions require sugar or butter. The onion itself contains a great deal of the sugar needed that upon coaxing with a good slow heat turns your onions into a beautiful sweet brown.

1 large heavy skillet
4 Tbs. Olive oil
4 large onions (yellow or white work best)

Place the skillet on a medium low heat and be prepared for this to take some time. Good caramel onions are worth the wait.

Add the oil and as it heats, begin to slice your onions into ľ" slices and add to the skillet. The onions should more than cover the bottom.

As they slowly cook, continue to stir and turn over the onions. Total time should be about 35 minutes but may vary depending on the temperature you set the skillet at. The end result will be a medium brown onion that is very soft. Again, slow and steady is the best way to prepare this delicious addition to your pizza.

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