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American Pasturage, Inc.
Pastured to Perfection
Nature's Way

American Pasturage, Inc. was created around a family farm to provide alternative and healthy beef products.  The development of the company evolved around all natural pastured beef and lamb products.

  Pasture Purefect  

American Pasturage, Inc. can supply you with all natural beef products, Pasture Purefect Beef.  Animals involved in the supply of Pasture Purefect Beef are raised to rigid standards to be free of chemicals and pharmaceuticals.  Pasture Purefect Beef has not been confined in a feedlot.  The animals are raised on lush pastures without any grain to give Pasture Purefect Beef an exceptional quality and naturally bright red color. 

American Pasturage employs Beefmaster and Beefmaster cross animals to provide a delicate beef flavor without sacrificing the tender qualities expected in beef products.  The best meats from the best beef breeds.  The herd is managed under an managed grazing plan that moves the cows to fresh pastures every few days.  They are supplied with an abundance of fresh forage providing them with nature's intended diet.  Livestock requiring medication are removed from the herd.  Medicated livestock do not meet the standards required to carry the Pasture Purefect Beef label.  We pasture to perfection . . . Nature's way

Pasture Purefect Beef is USDA inspected and is available frozen in vacuum sealed packages.

Veal & Lamb

American Pasturage, Inc. has limited supplies of Elysian Veal and pasture raised lamb. Elysian Veal is USDA inspected and is available in many popular veal cuts as well as ground. Elysian Veal is not crate raised and has been allowed to partake of natures intended diet of milk from the cow and browse from lush pastures. No pharmaceuticals or formulated feeds are utilized in the raising of Elysian Veal. We also raise Katahdin sheep, which produce an exceptional lamb product. Our raising protocol on Elysian Veal and American Pasturage Lamb requires the exclusion of pharmaceuticals and employs the use of grass pastures for animal health and growth. View our current price list for availability.

Other Products

American Pasturage, Inc. is also a supplier for Thorvin Kelp, a seaweed supplement containing a natural balance of minerals, amino acids, and vitamins. We feed Thorvin Kelp meal free choice to our livestock to promote herd health and restore nutrients to our soils.

Call us at American Pasturage  for price and availability of Elysian Veal and American Pasturage Lamb.

Healthy Beef

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